Description of competition’s task

Strategy of development of MICE tourism in Lodz Metropolitan Area 2020+

The task of the 24HOURS competition is to prepare ‘the Strategy of development of MICE tourism in Lodz Metropolitan Area 2020+’.  Here, you can download required presentation template. Every team is requested to put the results of its work to mentioned template and submit it to the jury on 15th November 2014 at 12:00. From 13:00 to 14:30, the teams participating in the 24HOURS competition will present to the public prepared strategies. For the presentation, each team will receive up to 7 minutes. Jury will assess the presentation on the basis of the below evaluation criteria:

Substantive value of the solution

Conditions assessment and strategic diagnosis

  • Are methods of strategic analysis used? (max 4 pts)
  • Are various data sources selected and used? (max 3 pts)
  • Are main groups of stakeholders of MICE tourism development defined? (max 3 pts)

Vision / mission statement and strategic goals

  • Is vision both ambitious and feasible, both general and detailed, both brief and rich in content? (max 3 pts)
  • Is mission statement attractive for potential stakeholders? (max 4 pts)
  • Are strategic goals coherent with vision and mission? (max 3 pts)

Strategic actions and responsible institutions / main actors

  • Are strategic actions coherent with strategic goals? (max 5 pts)
  • Are powers, competencies and principles of responsible institutions and main actors properly defined? (max 5 pts)

Risk assessment

  • Is probability of strategy failure estimated? (max 5 pts)
  • Are alternative scenarios of development of MICE tourism in Lodz Metropolitan Area prepared? (max 5 pts)

Schedule of the strategy

  • Is the schedule of the strategy coherent with strategic actions? (max 5 pts)
  • Is the schedule of the strategy feasible? (max 5 pts)


  • Is the summary representative of the entire strategy? (max 5 pts)
  • Is the summary logically consistent? (max 5 pts)

Completeness of the solution

  • Are all requested parts of the strategy prepared? (max 10 pts)
  • Does the presentation fit within available time? (max 10 pts)

Overall impression

  • Is the presentation clear and understandable? (max 10 pts)
  • Is the presentation outstanding and awesome? (max 10 pts)

Every team may receive up to 100 points.