Who can join the 24HOURS competition? Any five person group (four students and one tutor), representing one university (faculty or department) can join the 24HOURS competition. Please, remember that any faculty or department can be represented by only one team. We recommend (but not require) that students participating competition should be master students, and their tutor should be PhD candidate. Moreover, we kindly ask you to respect gender equality during the process of completing the team.

How can I join the 24HOURS competition? If you are a student, find a tutor at your university (faculty or department). Only tutors can register their teams. If you are a tutor, just visit our REGISTRATION subpage and fill the online registration form. Send us personal and contact information about your team. Moreover, give us interesting description of reason that we should accept your application. Remember, number of participants is limited. Only ten groups can join 24HOURS competition. We will make a decision only based on mentioned description. Furthermore, send us a topic of a 15 minute presentation that you will share with all the participants of 24HOURS competition. We prefer presentations based on your recent studies on various problems of tourism development in the cities and the metropolitan areas, with respect to the particular problem that we want to solve during 24HOURS competition. Finally, you have agree to join all the evaluation research we need to conduct. And, you have to confirm that if you win the 24HOURS your team will participate the STUDY VISIT to Lillehammer (Norway).

How much does it cost? Nothing. There is no fee for participants of 24HOURS competition. Unfortunately, we can’t cover your transfer and accommodation costs. But, during the 24HOURS competition we will provide free F&B services. Moreover, our strategic partner (Novotel Lodz Centrum) has prepared a special accommodation offer for participants of 24HOURS competition.

What is the award for the winning team? The members of the winning team will participate the STUDY VISIT to Lillehammer (Norway) between 8th and 15th March 2015. Moreover, the members of the winning team will be rewarded by our strategic partner (Novotel Lodz Centrum). Please notice, that the host organization of the STUDY VISIT is the Lillehammer University College. That means, that if the team representing Lillehammer University College win the 24HOURS competition, the second team will join the STUDY VISIT. This is why we decided to cover transfer and accommodation costs of our Norwegian guests.

What if I have more questions? Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. Email contact is preferred: info@24hours.edu.pl or office@schedule.edu.pl.